Letters from Jan. 5, 2007

New Year’s

Some resolutions for a better 2008.

In the year 2007 we, as a nation, have achieved a new low level of personal disrespect and incivility. Open discussion of community and political issues has resulted in descent into personal attacks and demonization of those offering contrary positions or ideas. We no longer engage in debate. We minimize or destroy by invective. We move further away from the basic foundation of our country and the rules we made for ourselves to live by.

As a common 2008 resolution for all citizens, I propose the following:

• In January 2008 we will read again the Declaration of Independence to recapture the essence of the American experiment.

• In January 2008 we will re-read the U.S. Constitution and the Washington Constitution to regain understanding of the limited power and authority that “We the people” delegated to our government.

• We will reinforce that our “unalienable rights” were bestowed upon us by our Creator, that government has no rights only the powers we delegate to it, and that the primary function of government is to protect the rights of each individual.

If we can restore our understanding and belief in those basic documents, we can restore civil public debate, the cornerstone of American greatness.

Jack Hamilton



A song for the

holiday schedule

To the tune of: I won’t be home for Christmas

I won’t be home for Christmas

To hear old Santa shout.

I won’t be home for Christmas,

Cuz, the ferries are still out.

Our Gov. and all her Elves

No solutions have they found

To ferry Santa’s helpers

across the Puget Sound

For many years they rusted

and pitted every day.

Just to keep the ferry riders

stranded here on Christmas Day.

So, to all you taxpaying riders

Left standing on the Pier,

From the Gov. and all her Elves they wish you,

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Pat Patterson