Letters from Dec. 19, 2007


KAPO spreading the fear

After reading the recent letters to the editor (CK Reporter, Dec. 15) from our county commissioners and the Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners (KAPO), I am convinced, once again, that the main threat to rational planning in Kitsap County is KAPO and the destructive discontent it promotes.

The letter from the commissioners invites the citizens of our county to attend theTuesday, Dec. 18, public hearing in Port Orchard hosted by the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC). Their opening line is, “Help shape the future.” What follows is a brief explanation of the objective of the hearing and some of the consequences of possible actions which the PSRC might take in the near future.

The letter from KAPO is typical of their cynical maliciousness about anything which suggests responsibility of citizens toward their community. The tone of the whole letter is based on fear, especially fear of those people who aren’t “us” — most especially those in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. The sense of community is totally absent. Alas! Poor Kitsap County.



Clear Creek Trail

It’s back in shape

We are very happy to report the Clear Creek Trail is back in business!

We had a great turnout of about 20 people Sunday to fix the north end of the trail. Many in our crew also worked last weekend. We got the erosion repaired and all the exposed soil fabric covered.

A really special thanks goes to Ron Ross who set up the success by hauling gravel to the site over the last week. He also came out and helped move rock to our trail work site all day Sunday. It saved us a bunch of money and got the job done. Our good friends at Ace Paving spotted the fill rock perfectly. The load was just enough to fix the worst erosion. Ace has been a big supporter since we started the trail.

To speed things up, Bruce Vanwoudenberg brought his tractor to relieve the wheelbarrow brigade.

It is a marvelous thing when the community pulls together like this. It is really a special privilege and humbling experience to get such wonderful support. It really feels good to have the trail fixed. Thanks a million.


Clear Creek Task Force