See what happens when you’re not watching?

Narrows Bridge

‘The Bob’ is

a terrible idea

See what happens when you’re not watching?

The Port Orchard City Council approved a resolution to rename the Tacoma Narrows Bridge the Bob Oke Bridge, essentially requesting that the state memorialize that stately structure, our own world class icon, forevermore to be known as “The Bob.”

This is no joke. And I, for one, vote no.

I do have empathy for the city council, though. How could anyone say no to the grieving widow of a recently deceased state senator when put on the spot like that?

Even the Washington State Senate, when asked this past session to approve the same request by Mrs. Oke, only approved Senate Joint Memorial 8026 out of respect for the late Sen. Oke, then quietly let the bill die in committee.

I am collecting e-mails from those opposed to this renaming effort so I can present them to Pierce County Council, which will address a similar request from Mrs. Oke next week.

Almost 500 e-mails came in this week through word of mouth, but that’s not good enough.

I need your help. If you think we should leave the name of the bridge alone, please drop me an e-mail to that effect and I’ll make sure your voice is heard — this time — at the Pierce County Council and the State Transportation Commission.

Contact me at randyboss@comcast.net


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