Letter on letters

Check your


In response to Nancy Zorrozua’s letter in the Saturday, April 19, Central Kitsap Reporter: Nancy, please check the date of your information regarding your claim that the Legislature is facing a $2.4 billion dollar deficit. This is 2008 not 2005!

In January 2005, there was a 2.5 billion dollar shortfall in the Washington state budget.

In April 2008 (Nancy, notice the difference between 5 and 8), the supplemental budget contained $404.1 million in savings, ($446 million in raining day funds, $404.1 million in un-obligated revenue). Does that really sound like a spending spree?




Try disc golf

without a ‘beverage’

In response to Bill Mickelson’s article about Kitsap disc golf (“Outdoor Excursions,” April 16, What’s Up) I want to point out that carrying “a beverage,” as he euphemistically calls drinking beer, is not part of the game.

Those of us who care about the game get sick and tired of picking up the beer bottles and other garbage that careless people discard on the local courses. Each week the trash at the NAD park alone amounts to hundreds of pounds.

There is a group of dedicated volunteers who love the game, play it well and who devote many hundreds of hours each year to keeping the courses clean. I wish Mr. Mickleson could enjoy the fresh air and exercise, not to mention the thrill and challenge of disc golf, without “a beverage” in his hand.



Dicks, Inslee

Congressmen support illegal drug trafficking

If you vote for either Norm Dicks or Jay Inslee, you will have cast a vote for the Columbian drug cartels and Venezuelan-supported FARC´s war against Columbia. In voting against ratification of a free trade agreement, Dicks and Inslee would rather encourage illegal cocaine importation over legitimate Columbian agricultural produce and more than $1 billion of U.S. exports.

You will have voted to harm future trade agreements and other treaty negotiations because these Congressmen followed, like lemmings, Speaker Pelosi´s reneging on a negotiated agreement that Congress had earlier agreed upon. With free trade today, there is such a shortage of containers that shippers are scrambling to find them to ship American exports overseas. By this vote, they have both shown they don´t care about the continued prosperity of our ports in Washington state.

This is “change” we can live without.