U.S. needs to use

its own oil

The un-informed and sound bite intellectuals never cease to surprise me with their vacuous comments. Reading editorials declaring such statements as President Bush needs to hold OPEC accountable is like telling a bank they owe you money because they have money. The last time this foolishness was tried was by President Jimmy Carter. Remember the gas lines of the 70s? The facts are, he who owns the oil rules.

To blame anyone other than the environmentalist and cowardly U.S. Democratic congress for this energy crisis and alternative fuel debacle is shameful and totally fact less. We have untapped energy resources which could easily make the U.S. independent.

According to the Department of Energy, U.S. oil production has fallen approximately 40 percent since 1985, while consumption has grown more than 30 percent. There is approximately 112 billion barrels oil in areas that Congress has placed off limits. When refined into fuel it would power more than 60 million cars for 60 years. These projections do not even take into account the newly discovered oil deposits throughout the U.S. and Brazil nor the billions of tons of oil shale.

To resolve the U.S. energy crises is simple. Utilize our own energy producing fossil resources.

Dean Jenniges