Letter to the editor

Smaller levies better

To the editor:

I would support a series of South Kitsap School District small and short capital levies.

Many of my relatives, now deceased were public school teachers. They’d be shocked to see how much infighting and wrangling is going on in public education. I am not sure why LGBTQ has taken front and center lately, but I am pretty sure my folks would wonder why it has become a public school debate. My view on that – in a future letter.

I write with questions about the SKSD’S $271 million bond. For full disclosure, I would fully support proper, well-thought-out, and reasonable capital levies to begin rebuilding SKSD facilities. I actually have suggested this idea for months. Today, rather than offering a gripe fest I just have some questions.

Please explain how page 3, section 3 will affect voters. How it imperils these planned projects if any of them cannot be started, much less completed. I’m speaking of infeasibility. Just what is SKSD’S Magic Eight Ball telling them “Right now?”

Please, step back and stand by on any further pushing of this bond. We’ve yet to hear any other choices; we’ve heard no Plan B should this bond fail.

Please make time to present specific surveys and outreach to query our community regarding possible support of smaller, shorter capital levies.

We all can see that invisible elephant sitting upright, wide awake in the SKSD living room. And he is anxiously hoping to be asked why he is being ignored.

Dave Kimble