Letter to the Editor

No on fire levy

Letter to editor:

In response to the article published in the Port Orchard Independent May 12, “Fire levy goes to SK voters for 2nd straight year,” fire chief Jeff Faucett indicates a levy is needed to support rapid growth in South Kitsap.

As I witnessed SK fire responding to a parked RV medical emergency in Port Orchard city limits, two EMT units, two fire trucks arrived followed by four police units. EMTs addressed the issue, police stood by and watched as backup to fire units.

Apparently, SK Fire and Rescue are the first responders engaging nearly all homeless RV encampments, tent encampments within South Kitsap and Port Orchard city limits. Appears the police, Kitsap County Health Department, county commissioners and state Legislature are not willing to address the real problem, which is mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, all of which lead to crime and homelessness, which is the rapid growth in our communities.

Until law enforcement agencies are once again allowed to protect and serve the public, SK Fire and Rescue should not be asking for a levy increase to support rapid growth of encampments. As I witnessed the RV homeless rescue call, I realized SK Fire District does not need to put forth a levy request, but should be lobbying for safer communities through better policing. The only way to solve that is through legislative action and not a fire levy increase. I’ll be voting no on the SK Fire levy.

Ron Flerx

Port Orchard