Let’s create success for our students

In fall of 2019, my sons will enter South Kitsap High School. I don’t worry that they will get lost in the shuffle.

They are independently motivated and have been lucky to learn how to speak up and advocate for themselves and others. They are fortunate to have parents who have taught them these skills.

They, however, can’t vote. My sons may not see a new high school, but their sister could. Many of our current schools are in need of repairs, safety updates and better facilities. What are we telling our kids when we don’t vote in their best interest? Our kids need opportunities and fair shots at athletic and academic scholarships.

We have a real opportunity to create more success with this vote. Let’s prioritize safety and education by reducing class sizes, stress and anxiety among our students. Let’s help them put energy into their education instead of using up energy on navigating overcrowded spaces. Our students and teachers can only be as successful as the community is that backs them.

Don’t be complacent. I know that if our youth had voting rights, this wouldn’t even be an issue. If you haven’t talked to a South Kitsap High School student, that would be a great place to start. If you have middle school and elementary school-aged students, think about increasing access, safety, education and support.

It’s a simple equation when you put students first. Please remember to vote “Yes.” Let’s not go another round.

Avery Powell

Port Orchard