Keep flying our flag with your passion

I found the Erin Self letter very revealing (“We are not just liberals, we are Americans,” page A4, March 10 Herald).

Erin, your entrenched positions on numerous people that you do not believe, respect, nor share any views with is normal and I encourage it for healthy discourse. Always say what is in your heart and make full use of your First Amendment rights.

As working class, principled, young and informed, you have inevitably reached your current political stance through what you have seen and gathered over the years, especially more recently. The ready use of “anti globalist, white supremacist, alt right” is the giveaway and straight from the box of “grab an insult and make a protest sign” that has offended moderate citizens and actually caused their defection, ironically to join those you are attempting to drag down.

You see, Erin, your desire for the truth, patriotism and good policies are exactly what we are all seeking and striving for, so although we support different teams, we do share many mutual goals. Remember, there is an easily concealed difference between education and indoctrination.

By the way, I sympathize with your revelation and what must have been disheartening recent news for you, when the party you supported set the record for most deportations of illegal immigrants and you now realize they had told you the exact opposite to get your vote. That was shameful.

I wish you well, Erin, and please keep our flag flying with your obvious passion.

Alan Jackson