Just how happy are you? Letters

Happy with ever increasing property taxes?

Decision 2008

Happy with ever increasing property taxes?

Happy paying gas and road taxes but living with traffic congestion?

Happy having to put up with ferry service that is unreliable and expensive?

Happy with government agencies that make new rules every day to take away your property and your individual rights?

Happy with schools that spend more time on political correctness than on basic education?

Happy seeing businesses leave because they can not operate profitably because of regulation and taxes?

Happy that our kids have to leave Kitsap to get a job?

Happy that average people cannot afford to buy a home in the county?

Happy that the only employment sector that gets automatic pay raises is government employees?

Happy with a government that talked so much about having to cut services to balance the budget and then gave themselves a nice pay raise?

If you are happy, then go ahead and elect the same people back to office.

If you are not happy with the way things are going, why not elect someone new?

The choice is yours because the people you elect work for you.