Intrusions into public right of way is dangerous

There is a house being remodeled on Indianola Way in Indianola. They are doing a fine job. The landscaping, however, suffers from an Indianola malady: A block wall has been constructed around the base of a large tree and along the public street.

The streets in Indianola were designed at 40 feet wide. In numerous locations, as at the above-mentioned property, landscape plantings, fences and other construction extend beyond the property line and into the public right of way. Pedestrians are forced to walk in the path of vehicular traffic.

How soon will someone be struck, injured or killed because an intrusion into the public right of way causes them to walk in the path of cars and trucks?

The construction described above should be removed, along with all other intrusions, of any sort, in all of Indianola.

Maintaining intrusions of the public right of way is not a neighborly act.

Earle L. Willey