Honest questions for Mayor Erickson

To the editor:

am going to pose a few important questions for Mayor Erickson about her candidacy to replace Sherry Appleton as a state representative for the 23rd Legislative District position.

First, this point: Erickson has filed for the seat claiming no political party affiliation. With the majority party’s control in the House of Representatives being so slim (50-48), I feel that as a constituent in the 23rd District, both all of the other voters and I have a right to know which political party she intends to caucus with.

The political party that controls the majority in the House elects the speaker, who then appoints all of the committee chairpersons. That party will also have a majority of the seats on each legislative committee. That means the majority party will control the House of Representative’s agenda for the next two years. We, the people, have a right to know whether that agenda is going to be a progressive one or a “Trumpian/Tea Party looking and going backward” one. Please answer this important question, Mayor Erickson!

Since Mayor Erickson has stated that, if she is elected to the House, she has no intention of resigning her position as mayor of Poulsbo, my second important question is this: How can she not see that holding both a state elective office and being the mayor of the city is not a conflict of interest?

Additionally, since Poulsbo is 70 miles distant from Olympia, one must ask this: When the Legislature is in session, which job — being mayor or representing us in the capital — will get the short end of the stick? There simply is no way she will have time during legislative sessions to do both jobs well, so one will suffer from a lack of attention. So, which one will it be, Mayor Erickson? Will you be shirking your duties as mayor of the city or do you think we only deserve a part-time representative in Olympia?

I think we ought to play it safe and re-elect an honest straightforward representative — Sherry Appleton.

Tom DeBor