Homelessness and housing have been in crisis for 15-20 years

I appreciate the fact that folks are finally paying more attention to housing and homelessness here in Kitsap. I also agree that there is no “silver bullet” to fix the myriad of problems that arise and go with homelessness. Also, while it’s very nice that you said that government agencies are “finally waking up,” one suggestion that might be applied is to ask for help and ideas from people who are actually living it or have lived it. We might be surprised at the practical ideas that could be put forth.

Here is one problem that a family member recently went through. A couple (through reasons I won’t go into) was evicted, they placed the children in the care of relatives, and started living in their car. While trying to work and save money for another place, they made a decision to spend a week in a motel for showers and a bed (hard to resist after a month in a car).

Long story short: the motel bill was close to $900 for a week and, now, back in the car, they are trying to save money all over again. This is one of the many vicious cycles that are part of homelessness.

Sorry to bash the government but, by the time they pay attention, everything is in crisis! News flash: Homelessness and housing have been in crisis for 15-20 years. So, please talk to the folks that these decisions affect — those whose only house is a vehicle.

Riley Walker