Glue that holds us together is under attack

Your Opinion (Nov. 11) calling for unity following the presidential election is so predictable (“We must unite and work together,” page A4).

When progressives win, their propaganda arm — the media — tells Americans to embrace diversity and bend to their will. When they lose, they tell us we must join them for the sake of unity. Thoughtful Americans have always been united about the fundamentals of our society and government. We are friends and neighbors, Democrats and Republicans, who care for each other and already work together to make our communities nice places to live. You don’t understand that the presidential election was about Americans repudiating the cronyism, corruption, and divisiveness of the ruling class.

Americans have a moral consensus regarding honor, work, charity, social refinement, and independence. The left’s stock-in-trade is divide and conquer. Recently, we have seen every element of the glue that holds us together under attack. People used to dress up just to go downtown. I don’t go to Seattle anymore because of what I might step in. Is the increased incidence of family breakdown, drug use, poverty, and failure at the individual level due to those Bible-believing Americans with the Calvinist work ethic trying to wreck the country? These ills are symptoms of deliberate leftist policies. Progressives are the ones trying to drag us into statism and dependence, and then call us divisive when we resist their failed policies.

Your editorial stated that we all equally love America and want the country to succeed. That is true at the neighborhood level. But political progressives are antithetical to Americanism. How can Americans unify with those who hate the Constitution, our economic system, national sovereignty, and traditional values? How can Americans who believe in unalienable rights granted to the individual by the Creator unify with the progressives who view people as groups to be controlled by the state?

We need a two-party system again; traditional Democrats as well as traditional Republicans need to take back their parties from the establishment. Until the media can stop carrying water for progressives and again perform their job with integrity, I don’t need editorials about the need for Americans to unify with those who want to fundamentally transform us.

David Simpson