Get our heads out of the sand regarding growth

In the last month or so, I have read some very interesting letters to the editor.

There was one guy who was very put out that a road in Kingston was being closed for salmon restoration efforts. He was upset that he had to drive an extra mile to get his mail.

Then there was the lady who was upset that she spent $21 at Dairy Queen the week prior to the 3rd of July and could not understand why this major purchase did not entitle her to unlimited free parking so she could watch the fireworks.

It is selfish behavior like this that helps me understand why no one seems upset or outraged that so many new homes are being built throughout Kitsap and Jefferson county, without a word on increasing infrastructure to accommodate the new population expansion. I have a very good feeling that all these new neighbors will not be using a bicycle as a primary means of transportation.

I was thrilled that the leaders of Kitsap, King and Pierce counties could justify the expense to spend a couple of days on my tax dollar, to remind us we will have more tourists and greater economic growth. I love tourists. They provide many dollars to our economy and are great fun to interact with, as we are fortunate to have visitors from all over the world.

I highly doubt that as we grow and tourists arrive only to be told there will be a two-hour wait for a ferry, or main roads are not accessible because of a fender bender — or worse, a major accident — that they will continue to consider us an ideal destination. We have one way in and one way out on most roads in this area, which has always been part of the charm.

Now we need to think about what our future will look like as the growth continues. I predict shortly after the developers have pocketed their profits and moved on, leaving us with congested roads, etc., we will be asked to pony up money for an infrastructure remedy. The cart has been put before the horse.

Someday, our elected officials will open their eyes. By the way, just how much tax revenue is projected to be lost because Poulsbo has their head in the sand regarding cannabis sales?

Joe Manzone