Gelder is responsive, reliable SK supporter

We’re writing to share our support and endorsement of County Commissioner Rob Gelder. Rob has been a responsive and reliable supporter of the many projects and issues we’ve worked on to help protect our community and support our local economy.

Rob was a staunch advocate for our fast ferries, helped us designate our Opportunity Zones to support economic redevelopment and supported our South Kitsap Community Events Center. Most recently, he added his support to Full Circle Meals to assist dozens of our struggling locally-owned restaurants that provide meals to Homeless Veterans, at-risk teens, low-income families, critical care workers and Rescue Mission homeless.

We’re fortunate that Kitsap County is governed by a balanced and responsive commissioner who understands the value and role of our small businesses. Rob understands the need to support our local building industry to create more inventory and affordable housing. We’re thankful that he carefully considers the perspective of all of his constituents, regardless of partisan or personal views.

Please join us and vote to re-elect County Commissioner Rob Gelder.

Steve Sego and Coreen Haydock

Port Orchard