Free-market system is the answer

Gosh! Who would have guessed that public officials (the mayor and Housing Kitsap’s director) believed that a way to fix a problem created by government was to ask for more tax dollars to throw at the problem? (“For a modest investment, solutions are available,” page A8, Dec. 2 North Kitsap Herald; “Create a Housing Trust Fund to invest in best solutions,” page A9, Dec. 2 North Kitsap Herald.)

Is there no problem that cannot be solved by more tax dollars?

The great success experienced with the War on Poverty, public school performance, rent subsidy programs, and the expanded unemployment insurance program certainly indicate that more money is not the answer.

Perhaps if our government actually understood and trusted in the free-market system, we would once again have affordable housing. Why not get government out of the way and allow the housing industry to build and operate the quantity and type of housing that would actually meet the needs of the public?

Now, that is a unique idea that seems to be more consistent with both the concepts of individual liberty and choice and the American Dream.

Jack Hamilton