Enact local ban on puppy mill puppies

A follow-up to our Letter to the Editor in the May 26 Central Kitsap Reporter (“Don’t purchase pets from puppy mills”).

On June 27, the Bainbridge Island City Council made history by being the first city in Washington to adopt an ordinance “banning the sale of dogs and cats bred and raised at ‘puppy mills’ or ‘kitten mills’ and creating a new Section 6.04.113 of the Animal Control Chapter of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code.”

Bainbridge Island residents and Kitsap Animal Advocates approached Council member Kol Medina and asked him to bring forward an ordinance banning the sale of puppies or kittens on Bainbridge Island that were raised by “puppy mills” or “kitten mills.”

Animals raised in these mills often endure inhumane treatment and suffer from debilitating and life-ending disabilities due to their inbreeding, poor living conditions and inadequate veterinary care. Because of this, many people who unwittingly purchase pets from pet/feed stores suffer emotional and financial hardship caring for these sick pets.

Further, many people are unaware that when they buy a “mill” pet they are making it possible for mills to operate. The parents of these puppies and kittens are bred over and over until they die.

Additionally, there are plenty of dogs and cats in our community that need homes and are being assisted by animal welfare organizations in finding homes. Kitsap Humane Society has been supportive of the ban. This ban does not affect reputable local breeders.

Bainbridge Island joins approximately 230 communities in the U.S. that has enacted the ban. We are hopeful that Bremerton, Poulsbo, Port Orchard and Kitsap County will also adopt this important ordinance.

Terry Shuck and Karyn Moni

Kitsap Animal Advocates