Don’t treat Silverdale like a central planning playground

Reading the editorial, “The future of getting around in Silverdale” (page A4, April 21 Central Kitsap Reporter), I was struck by a number of apparent conflicts.

The first is that the county Development of Community Development would schedule a meeting of such significance opposite another of equal or greater importance — an open house and public hearing by the Planning Commission on revisions to the Critical Areas Ordinance. Apparently making the public choose between ease of access and loss of property rights is OK with the county.

Second, the very group responsible for the convoluted road system in Silverdale is now asking for public input to fix the problem. In the past, when the public was more than ready to provide input (can you say “Malfunction Junction”?), the county listened but did not hear. What is different now?

Finally, pushing the idea that Silverdale is seeking an identity is just nuts. Instead of trying to find some kind of “marketing” image for Silverdale, perhaps the county could take a hard look at the restrictive rules and regulations that keep Silverdale from being the best it can be. Instead of getting “public input” to satisfy a checklist, why not actually listen to the residents for a change?

Silverdale is not a central planning playground. Silverdale is our home and one that we are proud of.

Jack Hamilton