Central Kitsap Reporter Letters to the Editor | August 9

in 1998 and have been falling for 10 years. Ocean levels and temperatures have been falling for three to four years. Global temperature changes match solar sun spot cycles 79 percent and changes in CO2 less than 19 percent.

in 1998 and have been falling for 10 years. Ocean levels and temperatures have been falling for three to four years. Global temperature changes match solar sun spot cycles 79 percent and changes in CO2 less than 19 percent.

A 17-year study found no increase in Greenland ice melt. The ice caps on both poles are expanding. After years of testing, no CO2 causing atmosphere warming has been detected.

These are measured facts, not theories. Feel free to prove NASA and many others wrong. My thanks to Adele Ferguson for pointing this out.



Election 2008

Danielson has my vote

I want to thank Bruce Danielson, a local attorney and candidate for Superior Court Judge. Earlier this year, Bruce took time to speak to a Mothers of Preschoolers group that I am part of. He gave a very informative talk about legal issues that matter to mothers. He took time to answer a lot of questions. His whole presentation was funny and easy to listen to, even while providing some really important information.

Bruce Danielson obviously cares a lot about both people and the law. Thank you Bruce. You have my vote for Kitsap County Superior Court Judge.



Make an informed


The League of Women Voters believes that democratic government depends upon the informed and active participation of its citizens. Therefore, we encourage all voters to become informed about the candidates running for office in the Aug. 19 primary election.

All non-partisan judicial positions, Supreme Court Justices, Court of Appeals Judge and Kitsap Superior Court Judge, could be elected in the primary if one candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes. If one candidate in the non-partisan Superintendent of Public Instruction election receives more than 50, only that candidate will appear on the November ballot. In the 2004 primary election, only 52 percent of the registered voters in Kitsap County voted. We need to do better this year.

If more than two candidates are running for partisan positions, the top two candidates with the most votes, regardless of party affiliation, will proceed to the November general election. The contests where this will apply are Kitsap County Commissioner District 2, U.S. 6th Congressional District Representative, 35th Legislative District Representatives and six state offices. This is the first time the “top two” primary election will be held in our state.

All registered voters should read the Voters’ Pamphlet, attend candidate forums and contact the candidates with questions. Be informed, and then vote in the Aug. 19 primary.



League of Women Voters of Kitsap

Bainbridge Island

Thanks a million

Project is coming along

It’s really blue! With a lot of great help, the Anderson Hill overpass mural has advanced to the next step.

Before dawn last Sunday, Dan Mansfield and Mike Gritton of Preferred Painting started applying the prime coat for the overpass mural. Dan and Mike donated their efforts and really pushed it to get the painting done within the allotted time. Parker Paint donated and tinted the primer. Bill Stoner from Kitsap County Public Works did a super job of coordinating the road closure.

The next step is to finalize the mural design and get it approved by the Navy. Our team is looking for an artist or muralist to help with the design. This has been a great project and has been really gratifying to see government, volunteers and the business community working together.



Decision 2008

How happy are you?

Happy with ever increasing property taxes?

Happy paying gas and road taxes but living with traffic congestion?

Happy having to put up with ferry service that is unreliable and expensive?

Happy with government agencies that make new rules every day to take away your property and your individual rights?

Happy with schools that spend more time on politically correctness than on basic education?

Happy seeing businesses leave because they can not operate profitably because of regulation and taxes?

Happy that our kids have to leave Kitsap to get a job?

Happy that average people cannot afford to buy a home in the county?

Happy with a government that talked so much about having to cut services to balance the budget and then gave themselves a nice pay raise?

If you are happy, then go ahead and elect the same people back to office.

If you are not happy with the way things are going, why not elect someone new?

The choice is yours because the people you elect work for you.




Torrens should have done her research

Val Torrens’ diatribe against the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) demonstrates a disappointing lack of journalistic skills and integrity (Central Kitsap Reporter, Aug. 2). Even those writing “opinion” columns for newspapers typically try to ensure their facts are correct.

Perhaps before opining on issues which she clearly has no understanding, Torrens could have made the effort to call BIAW. It would have saved her some of the embarrassment of putting into print inaccurate statements.

Torrens claims BIAW has raised more than $3.5 million to pay for ads supporting Dino Rossi.

Wrong. BIAW has raised less than $2 million. Torrens could have easily verified this fact had she bothered to check the reports BIAW has filed with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).

Torrens claims BIAW is “hiding” behind political action committees and “the individual contributors are not listed so the public has no way of knowing who gave money” to those PACs.

Wrong. BIAW’s PACs are all registered with the PDC, and had Torrens taken the time to perform even a cursory check of the PDC’s Web site, she would have seen all the reports that have been filed by BIAW’s PACs listing