Carefully consider your levy vote

As I read the letters regarding the levy, there are two distinct sides to the issue. Those promoting a levy rationalize that programs will be cut, opportunities lost, sports and other activities will end without the levy.

The alternative view is rising personnel benefits/pay raises consume all the resources, leaving only levy money due to all state money exhausted for pay and health benefits for those more than 185 extra personnel. Extra personnel expedites the exhaustion of levy dollars, leaving little left for student programs, opportunities, sports, band, etc.

Voters will decide which side is right. We must provide our students every opportunity possible in promoting successes in life. But since rising pay and health benefits consume all the state money and most of the levy dollars, how can this goal be achieved? Personnel costs continue rising faster than these desired student program costs. So now what? Keep raising what is asked for in levies since the district cannot control these and other costs?

The answer is simple. The district must soon reduce personnel costs so that state dollars go back to student needs, thus reducing the district’s dependency on multiple, more frequent and larger levies.

When we see the district reduce costs and direct state funds as intended, we can consider approving levies. Until then, we cannot continue to fund higher pay and excessively generous benefits. We all want our levy dollars to go to the kids, not higher-paid administrators and extra personnel.

Doug Engh

Port Orchard