But is it basic education?

I recently watched the League of Woman Voters candidate forum for South Kitsap School District board candidates. One candidate’s opinion was that each generation has an obligation to pay for basic education for future generations.

Most of us may agree, but some may have a different opinion as to what a basic education entails.

The definition of basic education to prior generations meant teaching reading, writing, science, math and civics. A teacher’s role was to provide a well‐rounded curriculum to all students. SKSD has changed that definition.

The district considers programs and activities such as crew (rowing), equestrian (horse riding) and Dungeons & Dragons (a computer game) to be basic education.

Is it our duty or obligation to be funding every club, sports activity and road trip out of state because our district considers such programs to be part of basic education? Should we be funding these types of programs and activities without question?

If you make a lot of money, maybe this is OK. However, many folks in Port Orchard are older, some disabled, and many are on fixed incomes. They strongly support education but can no longer support the district’s rising costs.

Are the district’s increasing salaries and benefits also a part of basic education? Jeff Daily has all the requisite skills and experience needed to be a successful board director. Jeff taught in SKSD classrooms for 12 years. He will ensure that the best interests of the kids and our community come first.

Please vote for Jeff Daily, SKSD Board Director District 5.

For more information, visit citizenssupportingsouthkitsapschooldistrict.com/sksd-board-elections-2019.

Dave Kimble

Port Orchard