Bowling will bring democratic values

Irene Bowling exemplifies Democratic values. She will bring her education, experience and creativity to the office.

Irene will champion innovative ways to bring jobs and internet access to remote areas of the 35th Legislative District, which will have far-reaching effects. She will work to ensure that pre-existing conditions are not a part of determining who gets health care and who does not. These and other efforts are designed to improve living conditions for all of us.

Irene will oppose legislation like SB5009, a law that criminalizes protests. Protesting is one leg of the stool whereby we check corruption and dereliction of duty. When I, along with my women’s group, met with Tim Sheldon in 2017, I questioned him vigorously on his role in regard to this bill. He feigned regret and claimed he had been hoodwinked into supporting it. Nonetheless, he is co-sponsoring the reintroduction of this same legislation again this year, along with Republican Senator Doug Ericksen. Downright deception?

Irene won’t be supporting this or modular nuclear power plants, a technology that Sheldon supports and we do not need. There are viable, sustainable alternatives. Just google “WPPSS” and learn about the technological marvel that we “couldn’t do without” called “WHOOPS!” — an abandoned relic that taxpayers are still paying for.

Irene Bowling has proven to be a serious, qualified and committed contender for the Washington state Senate. She will entertain “out of the box” solutions that we need. Now!

Lisa Misemer