Bond Road is congested and becoming more dangerous

I am a proud parent of two wonderful children here in the North Kitsap area.

It is no surprise that the Kingston-to-Poulsbo stretch of Bond Road is congested and becoming more dangerous. The intersections demand more attention. It is too dark in places and unsafe for pedestrians walking between crossings and along State Route 307.

Though there are many four-way intersections that should be addressed for the timing of the lights, safety concerns and brightened highway lines, the most crucial implementation to save future lives and injury in my opinion is the area in front of David Wolfle Elementary School.

Years ago, it was an easier reality to pull out and merge onto Bond Road, but now, it is dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. I implore those with the ability to make changes in city planning and transportation to look at this crucial location. Our children, parents, teachers and commuting citizens of Kitsap County deserve swift action to preserve our safety.

K.L. Kehoe