Beware of socialism, embrace capitalism

You’d better pay attention when the word “progressive” is mentioned. The so-called “progressive movement” is another, more modern term for “socialism.”

The progressive movement is alive and well in the United States. You should be very concerned about it, especially if you value your freedom and your rights written into the U.S. Constitution.

Many people hear the word “progressive” and immediately think of liberals or Democrats, but they are not synonymous. Progressivism has less to do with political parties and more to do with individuals who seek to redefine, reshape and rebuild America into a country where individual liberties and personal property mean nothing if they conflict with the plans and goals of the government.

Let’s strengthen America with capitalism and good private-sector jobs. Elect leaders who are proud of America, have your best interests at heart and will defend your constitutional, unalienable rights.

P.S. Just look at Venezuela … another country destroyed by socialism.

Rob Daugherty