Ask questions about CHI Franciscan’s facility fee

Regarding the future of the Harrison Medical Center site in Bremerton: With CHI Franciscan having taken over and swallowed up almost all health-care alternatives in Kitsap County, including all but one imaging center, it’s too late to ask this question! Rumor is that they plan to swallow up all the laboratories, as well.

If you truly want to help your readers, research what the “facility fee” is that Harrison charges. If you need imaging, Harrison will charge an enormous “facility fee.” I can personally compare $4,888 against $641 for X-rays, all due to a “facility fee.”

My own insurance company is in dispute with Harrison for “excessive charges” (facility fee-related).

What to do about excessive/unnecessary charges to patients is far more important that what becomes of an antiquated building in need of major repairs.

Thank you.

Kellie Stolp