‘Appalling’ consideration by SKSD board members

To the South Kitsap School Board:

I’m appalled that the South Kitsap School Board would even consider not following science or state law when it comes to the health of our children, teachers, staff and community by not having staff and students mask up to fight the COVID virus.

I will remind the board that during my time on the South Kitsap School District School Board (2007-2011), we considered a similar path regarding an unfunded mandate that affected the district financially. The school district’s lawyer quickly advised us that should we decide not to follow state law, we would be personally liable in the event of any civil or criminal negligence resulting from our failure to follow state law.

I’m also appalled that you would even consider taking this action, much less devoting time to discuss it. In your oath of office, you swore to “support the Constitution of the United States and the state of Washington and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office according to the best of your ability.” Each of you who voted to move this discussion forward should reconsider continuing to serve on the board.

There are numerous quotes that remind us that difficult decisions require moral and ethical character in the face of people who speak loudly or show up in number, i.e. a mob. Even considering a mask ban was acquiescing to the mob mentality.

Should any student, staff or community member become ill or die because you fail to follow state law, even from your last board meeting when you allowed non-masked individuals to attend, it is on you.

Jay Rosapepe

Port Orchard