Andrews is right choice for KPUD seat

The upcoming election for the open Kitsap Public Utility District No. 1 seat has a very qualified and committed candidate: Nate Andrews.

Nate’s experience in serving the community speaks for itself: a long-time public school teacher and coach and currently a fire commissioner for Central Kitsap. He is the person you want advocating for all citizens of Kitsap County.

As our county grows, and with the varied interests in that growth, we are confident that Nate will make certain the best interests of our communities are a priority. Nate’s drive, strong leadership, administration skills and proactive problem-solving approach would make him a great addition to the KPUD team.

We applaud Nate for his nonpartisan stance with his run for KPUD commissioner. This shows he is truly committed to serving every citizen in Kitsap County. We have no doubt that our vote for Nate Andrews for KPUD commissioner is the right choice.

Matt and Megan Stanford