Shari Macgeorge tosses a pizza crust at her recently opened Itza Pizza Time restaurant on Lund Avenue. She wants to create an atmosphere at her establishment that is friendly to children

Time for new pizza place with familiar feel, favorites

Itza Pizza Time opened June 27 on Lund Avenue

There are the traditional favorites — Ms. Pac-Man and Marvel vs. Capcom — resting against the interior walls.

Shari Macgeorge said when she opened Itza Pizza Time at 1386 Lund Ave., where Emerald City Smoothie previously was located, she wanted to create an atmosphere that was friendly to children as well as adults.

“I just remember as a kid going to Pizza Hut and having their buffet with video games,” Macgeorge said. “That was a good memory for me and I wanted to recreate something like that.

“We love kids. We want people to come in, let their kids run around and not have to worry about it.”

She said the restaurant, which opened June 27, will not be a reincarnation of the former Pizza Time location in Port Orchard, though. Macgeorge said she worked at the old Pizza Time, but her restaurant has no ties to that franchise except for a similar name. Macgeorge said she trademarked both the name and logo, both of which bear similarities to Pizza Time.

“Pizza Times are dropping dead everywhere,” she said. “We decided to come up with our own and market it off that.”

After selling the Port Orchard Pizza Time, Macgeorge, 27, opened her first Itza Pizza Time on Wheaton Way in Bremerton in a building that previously housed a Denny’s. But she said the space was too large and “the building needed repair after repair.”

She said that led her to close that location and return to Port Orchard. Macgeorge said her 1,500-square-foot location, which was built in 2005, enables her to focus solely on her patrons and product.

In addition to the video games, Macgeorge tries to differentiate her business from others with some nontraditional hours. The eatery is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. The regular weekday hours also apply to Friday and Saturday, but Macgeorge reopens the restaurant from 1 to 4 a.m. on those days.

Itza Pizza Time does not serve alcohol, which Macgeorge said gives bar customers a late-night option to “come here, sober up, eat something, listen to a little music and hang out.”

Regardless of what time customers arrive, they will have a variety of options. A medium one-topping pizza is $4, while the largest size is $13.99 for a three-topping.

“I try and market it just well enough where people can come in, have a pizza and not break the pocket,” Macgeorge said.

Itza Pizza Time features a variety of traditional pizzas – Hawaiian, meat lovers and vegetarian – in addition to some specialty items.

“I came up with ‘Death By Pizza,’ ” Macgeorge said. “It’s a little bit of everything. It’s a flavor explosion in your mouth.”

She hopes it is a lasting combination in this community.

“After five years of doing pizza, I think I have it down just right,” Macgeorge said.