State Health Department takes action against health care workers in Kitsap County

OLYMPIA — The state Department of Health has revoked or suspended the licenses, certifications, or registrations of health care providers in Kitsap County.

The Massage Program indefinitely suspended the massage practitioner credential of Jack Hamilton Ballard (MA60473288), who didn’t comply with a substance abuse monitoring program.

The Medical Assistant Program entered an agreement with certified medical assistant Susan Billings (CM60377959) that fines her $500, and requires her to complete continuing education in ethics and infection control. Billings used a needle with which she’d accidently scraped herself to administer vaccine into an infant.

The Pharmacy Commission charged pharmacy technician James B. Dawson (VA00046829) with unprofessional conduct. Charges say the pharmacy where Dawson worked terminated him after he arrived for his shift under the influence of alcohol.

The Chiropractic Commission conditionally granted a chiropractic X-ray technician credential to Jade Ashley Hanley (CX60694056), placed her on probation, and ordered her to undergo an evaluation for a substance abuse monitoring program. In 2015, Hanley admitted to possession of stolen property and second-degree trafficking in stolen property.

The Nursing Commission charged registered nurse Dena R. Kutrich (RN00152905) with unprofessional conduct. Kutrich allegedly reported to work while impaired by substances.

The Nursing Commission charged registered nurse Dawn C. Morton (RN00166764) with unprofessional conduct. Charges say Morton admitted diverting narcotics from her workplace, and tested positive for narcotics for which she had no prescription.

The Nursing Assistant Program entered an agreement with registered nursing assistant Emily Zenz (NA60536071) that suspends her credential for at least two years. Zenz admitted forging patients’ signatures while she worked for a home health agency.

Information about health care providers is available on the agency’s website, Click on “Look up a health care provider license” in the “How Do I?” section. The site includes information about a health care provider’s license status, the expiration and renewal date of their credential, disciplinary actions and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available by calling 360-236-4700.

Consumers who think a health care provider acted unprofessionally can call that number and report their complaint.