Staging a home | Let’s Get Real Estate | October

Dear Jan:

We are about to list our home. I keep hearing about “staging” our home. What does that mean? How much does it cost? Thanks,


Dear ORB:

Staging a home is the act of preparing a home for sale, with a special emphasis on presentation and appearance. So in layman’s terms it is “getting your home ready for the market”. If you do the work yourself, it can cost you nothing or perhaps a couple of hundred dollars for this and that. However, there are Staging Professionals who can do the job for you that will either charge you by the hour or by the job.

In staging your home you should start from the curb and work inward. First impressions are most important. Your yard needs to be tidy and your entry dressed up, perhaps with flowers and a new doormat. Your foyer should be uncluttered so as to make the buyer want to come further inside.

Then go room by room. Pack away unneeded items. Make the closets look roomy by packing away a good portion of your clothes. Take out extra furniture. Move furniture around. Make cozy conversation areas. Be sure to look up. Clean those lights and take down the cobwebs. Sometimes new door knobs on cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Bathrooms are very important. Put away all your personal hygiene products including toothbrushes. Clean everything thoroughly and make everything sparkle. Don’t forget along the floor trim.

I remind my sellers that their home needs to be “Christmas Party Clean.” (This comes from my childhood, when my folks would have a party, we cleaned house all day to be ready.)

Some sellers just don’t have an eye for staging. If you don’t, ask your Real Estate Broker to recommend a professional stager.

Remember, your goal is to “wow” the buyer. No matter what the market is, staging is beneficial as it is putting your homes best foot forward and will help to get it sold.

Happy staging!


Jan Zufelt is an associate broker with John L. Scott Real Estate.