Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas keeping Silverdale covered

Old Town Silverdale business celebrating 30 years.


Staff writer

When Brian Weatherly moved to Silverdale, he was determined to open an upholstery shop. He began working at a shop in Old Town Silverdale and bought the business four months later.

“I had a similar business in California and was looking to start the same kind of business here,” Weatherly said.

Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas, located on Washington Avenue in Old Town Silverdale, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Darrel Emel’s Tree Service was located next door, but when the tree business moved in 1984, Weatherly, owner of the upholstery business, decided to expand as well.

“When he expanded we bought his building and expanded ourselves,” Weatherly said. “It just kind of grew.”

Weatherly’s father knew the Silverdale area well and gave his son good business advice before venturing to the Pacific Northwest.

“My dad said, ‘if you’re going to move to Washington, Silverdale is going to grow’ and he was right about that,” Weatherly said.

Weatherly started the business with his brothers in 1978 and continues to keep it in the family. He works alongside his brother John and daughter Melissa Richardson to keep the family business flourishing.

“Like any good family there are good days and bad days,” Richardson said with a smile.

Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas is a leading local provider in retractable awnings, boat and auto upholstery as well as furniture reupholstery. The upholstery business also specializes in military contracts and does extensive work for the government and Naval Base Kitsap.

“That’s why we’ve prospered and survived because we do a lot of things,” Weatherly said.

Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas also has done work at Brownsville Marina, businesses in Port Angeles and created many of the awnings for Old Town Silverdale businesses.

Both Weatherly and Richardson said customers keep returning to Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas because they complete projects on time and at a reasonable price. Since Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas does a little bit of everything, Richardson said they have seen it all.

“People will come in and say ‘I have a strange request’ and we’ll tell them ‘it’s not that strange, believe me,’” she said.

Weatherly said his daughter and office manager Gaye Membrere operate the business, but he frequents the office, helping whenever necessary.

“Although I am officially the business owner Melissa and Gaye are running the business,” Weatherly said. “I’m more of a semi-retired consultant. I’m in the travel more, work less mode.”

Although Membrere is not blood-related to the Weatherly family, she has worked at Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas for 14 years and even her children help out from time to time.

“So she’s part of the family whether she likes it or not,” Richardson said.

Richardson said they are still deciding if and what to do to celebrate their 30th year in business. Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas may host an open house or some sort of event in the fall.

As for the future of Silverdale Upholstery & Canvas, Weatherly said the business is ready and waiting for his daughter if she wants it.

“The business will be hers (Richardson) if she wants it,” he said. “And my grandchildren will be working here soon enough. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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