No Blankets And Baskets Needed

Tanya Picinich is a multi-tasker.

Picnic in the Park Deli serves up sandwiches, salads, soups.

Tanya Picinich is a multi-tasker.

She singlehandedly runs a deli while playing mom to her three children, ages 10, 7 and 4.

“Yeah, it’s fun here in the mornings before they get picked up,” she said.

Picinich opened Picnic in the Park Deli & Café in Silverdale April 20, but this isn’t her first go-around in the food establishment business.

“I owned Liberty Bay Bakery for two years in Poulsbo,” she said.

Picnic in the Park is located in the former Pepe’s Deli spot in the Fairfield business park on Silverdale Way and Picinich said it is perfect for her business.

“It just seemed like a good location in a business park and there was already a deli here,” she said. “It just happened to be the right opportunity at the right time.”

Picinich said Picnic in the Park mainly serves the Silverdale Way area past Home Depot and the people who work in the Fairfield business park and live on that end of Silverdale are happy to have the deli nearby.

The deli serves up sandwiches, salads, pizza, soups, breakfast sandwiches and has a full espresso line. Picinich even bakes her own white turkey breast at the deli.

“Everything’s made from scratch, everything’s sliced fresh every day,” she said.

The Reuben on rye and french dip sandwiches are quite popular and each sandwich comes with a drink and choice of a side ranging from potato salad to chips.

Picinich has always enjoyed cooking. Aside from running Liberty Bay Bakery, she managed a grocery store deli in Phoenix for a while. And with three children, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals for her family.

“After my mom taught me how to cook, it was ‘alright, go make dinner,’” she said.

As for the name, Picinich said she and her children were sitting at home on a rainy day and she thought it’d be nice to go on a picnic. She then realized her deli was located in a business park and Picnic in the Park was born.

“I said I could name my kids easier,” Picinich said about coming up with a business name.

The deli receives large lunch orders from time to time and Picinich said it’s not a problem. Some businesses even call in their lunch orders the same day it’s requested and it always gets done on time.

Picinich said she hopes to open the deli later in the evening and make it a desirable spot for people to get together.

“I would love to open up for later hours and just turn it into a really nice hangout,” she said.