Going green

Chiropractic Lifestyle Center scheduled to open this spring.


Staff writer

Dr. Meg Simans always imagined a day when she would open a natural healthcare venue and that day is rapidly approaching.

Meg, and her husband, Ron Simans, currently own Simans Chiropractic in East Bremerton. Meg has been a local chiropractor for 16 years, but has always dreamed of opening a larger natural healthcare facility.

Meg, along with her husband/office manager, began construction on the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center last year. The natural healthcare facility will not only include chiropractors, massage therapists and other natural healthcare providers, but also will offer yoga and pilates classes as well as a dispensary where people can purchase natural health products.

“A healthy environment is part of a healthy lifestyle, so we’re having that be available to our patients,” Meg said. “We decided that we wanted to have a broader perspective of healthcare and incorporate healthy lifestyle.”

The Chiropractic Lifestyle Center is scheduled to open sometime this spring and the Simans know a healthy lifestyle is important because they have raised their children using natural healthcare techniques.

“That’s the lifestyle we live and have raised our kids with,” Ron said. “We have seen the benefits. It’s a good alternative and plus we know it works.”

The Chiropractic Lifestyle Center was awarded a three-star rating, the highest possible, under Kitsap County’s Built-Green guidelines, according to the Simans. The facility is being constructed from sustainable and non-toxic materials including formaldehyde-free insulation, paints and adhesives containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Bamboo and other natural flooring products also are being used and the center is using solar hot water collectors and photovoltaic electric panels to generate its own electricity.

Simans Chiropractic is located directly in front of the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center and Meg frequently stops in the new building on her lunch break to snap photos and thank the construction crew for their hard work. She said it is wonderful to see her dream of a lifestyle center finally coming to fruition.

“It feels really magical because I’ve been watching this place grow and now it’s really happening,” she said. “Without everyone this couldn’t happen. It’s very thrilling.”

The lifestyle center also will feature an outdoor herb garden and a healthcare library. Meg said she wants people to stay at the center for a while, enjoy a cup of tea and relax before jetting off and returning to the hectic pace of everyday life.

“We don’t want people to get their treatment, get in their car and rush back to work,” Meg said.

Simans Chiropractic’s current building is available for lease and until the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center opens this spring, Ron and Meg continue to sit back and patiently wait to open the facility to patients.

“I think the patients are going to be honored to receive services in such a healthy place,” Meg said.

Chiropractic Lifestyle Center

991 NE Riddell Road


Scheduled to open this spring.