Flex-A-Dent moves to Silverdale

Dents and door dings don’t stand a chance against Ron Pease.

“I can see them coming at me a mile away,” he said. “My eyes have been trained.”

Pease, owner of Flex-A-Dent, moved the business from Gorst to Silverdale in June and his customers are thrilled they no longer have to battle the Gorst traffic to get to the shop.

“Every one of my customers has said, ‘Thank you for moving here. We wanted to come see you, but we didn’t want to kill ourselves,'” Pease said.

The Port Orchard man moved Flex-A-Dent into the former Northern Wave building, located at 9549 Silverdale Way, and said he and his business partner had their eyes on that spot for years.

“We always wanted this location. We wanted it before the Harley store moved here and when it came up for rent again, we thought, ‘Let’s do it, it’s time to grab it,'” Pease said.

When Pease moved the business to Silverdale, he and friend Brett Caswell joined forces and Caswell now runs a small collision repair and paint shop at the new Flex-A-Dent location.

“He can basically fix anything,” Pease said. “We thought having us together would help both of us.”

Pease does paintless dent removal at Flex-A-Dent. He uses metal rods to push behind the metal and flex small door dings and dents back into shape.

“We don’t hurt the factory finish,” he said.

Pease said he can usually fix small dents in about an hour, whereas a body shop would keep the vehicle for two to three days.

“A lot of people just assume they have to go to a body shop,” he said. “Their first instinct is to take it to a body shop because they think it has to be fixed that way.”

Aside from getting the job done quickly, Pease said he’ll fix dents and dings for a much cheaper price than most body shops. He charges around $80-100 for repair work.

“If you were to take a small dent to a body shop, it’d cost hundreds or thousands of dollars,” Pease said. “Most people don’t realize how cheap it is.”

If a job is too big for Pease, he sends the customer and vehicle to Caswell. Aside from his shop at Flex-A-Dent, Caswell has his own body shop in Silverdale.

Pease opened Flex-A-Dent in Gorst in 1992. The former machinist knew he wanted to be his own boss and work with cars, so when a man from Springfield. Mo. taught him how to do paintless dent removal, he decided to open his own shop.

“I saw it and thought, ‘That’s what I want to do,'” Pease said. “I just thought there was a need for that.”

Pease said he’s already seen an increase in customers since moving to Silverdale and hopes more people will choose to have door dings and dents repaired at Flex-A-Dent rather than a body shop.

“If they want to save money, time and the factory finish, this is the way to go,” he said.

Flex-A-Dent is located at 9549 Silverdale Way and the phone number is (360) 698-5073.