Condos a great option for ownership and plentiful in Kingston

Q&A with real estate expert Jan Zufelt.

Dear Jan: We are thinking of buying a condominium in Kingston. What can you tell us about owning a condo? PH

Dear PH: In my opinion, condos are a great and affordable form of home ownership. In Kingston, we are very fortunate to have some great condo options. From the high end Princeton Point to the affordable Bayview Estates, there is something for everyone.

For those who don’t know, with a condo you own what is on the inside of your walls. The homeowner’s association owns what is on the outside of your walls; common areas like halls, gathering rooms, etc., and the outside grounds.

For many that is what is appealing. No yard work, painting or cleaning. With ownership, you have a regular house payment, homeowner’s insurance for inside, including your contents and taxes, plus homeowner’s association dues. If you own a condo, you have to belong to the homeowner’s association. The dues come as a shock to many buyers. They can range from $100 a month up to $500 or more a month is some areas. Usually included in your dues are water and trash.

Occasionally there may be added funds collected for the reserve fund for expenses like a new roof, new decks, painting the outside, etc. When you buy, you need to see the resale certificate or public offering statement and examine it to make sure the association you want to join has assets and good financial stability. Your agent will request these documents for you when you write up an offer and the offer is contingent upon your approval of those documents.

In the next few years, you will see Kingston grow with more new condos. Some will be above businesses. They will make for an interesting mix in our great little town. To view Kingston condos, call your favorite agent today.

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