Coffee Oasis receives Silver Award from Seattle Business magazine

BREMERTON — The Coffee Oasis received a Silver Award in Workforce Development from Seattle Business in the magazine’s annual Community Impact Awards.

“For 20 years, The Coffee Oasis has been serving street and homeless youth in Kitsap County throuugh outreach, case management, mentoring, shelter and job training,” the magazine reported in its November edition.

“The organization has six Coffee Oasis businesses, three drop-in centers and a homeless youth shelter, as well as an in-house barista and culinary job training program. It partners with more than 70 businesses to provide job training internships. In 2015 and 2016, 100 percent of the young people participating in internships got jobs.”

This fall, The Coffee Oasis leased the Nelson Farmhouse at Poulsbo’s Nelson Park for use as a transitional home for 18- t0 25-year-old women who are homeless. In lieu of a monetary lease payment, the residents take care of the house and park. The house was formerly used as a caretaker’s residence.