Caffe Cocina adds pizzazz to daily grind

POULSBO — What you see may be what you get, but in the case of Poulsbo’s Caffe Cocina, getting what you don’t see is even better.

Coffee shop

on Finn Hill

Road serves up

caffeinated delight.

POULSBO — What you see may be what you get, but in the case of Poulsbo’s Caffe Cocina, getting what you don’t see is even better.

To put it plainly, there’s more to this java hut than meets the eye.

Appearing from Finn Hill Road to be a pleasant drive-thru coffee shop, Caffe Cocina opens inside to a host of spacious seating and even an outdoor patio, where summertime dining is sublime.

Clearly, never judge a coffee shop by its cover.

Owned by Paul and Brianne Zeman, Caffe Cocina is la créme de la caffeinated créme, a true breakfast and lunch bistro decked in the bold indulgences of a metropolitan eatery. Between the striking blacks and reds of its interior decor and the music playing overhead, Caffe Cocina is a place to get coffee with cream, sugar and even a little pizzazz.

The shop is teamed with Brianne’s hair salon, Ciao Bella. She and Paul took over the business last November, and offer Cafe Vita coffee, a favorite of the owners and customers alike.

“It’s an amazing, smooth coffee,” Brianne said. And those serving it up know just how to put the perfect touches on an already tasty brew. “When people come through, they are excited to be greeted by a good barista.”

Whether it be a tall Earl Grey or a 20-ounce triple shot mocha, caffienated comforts can be as indelible a part of the morning grind as they are necessary for a noontime second wind. But coffee is just the start of what Caffe Cocina has in store.

The restaurant serves up a host of treats for both breakfast and lunch, including breakfast burritos, quiche, soups, caesear and spinach salads and sandwiches. All are made fresh each day.

“We make everything here from scratch, preservative-free,” Paul said.

Also on the menu: blended drinks, including milkshakes and fruit smoothies with protein boosts, Numi Tea and scones.

Cupcakes are another Caffe Cocina specialty. Brianne said the trendy treats come in all different flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, lemon and of course coffee. Like everything else, they’re made fresh and in-house.

“We love this place. We want it to be an experience for everyone who comes in here,” said Paul. “We want it to be the best that we can make it.”

And as gas prices rise and extra expenditures are being cut, Caffe Cocina is making it just a little easier to continue indulging in those favorite meals and beverages. Discounts have been created especially for members of the military, fire fighters, police, teachers and students. The shop also offers perks for all customers, including loyalty punch cards, reloadable gift cards, free wireless internet, complimentary drip coffee refills and daily specials.

Every drink and dish is served with a guarantee and customer service is top-notch.

And though the shop’s looks can be deceiving, it’s fresh, rich tastes certainly can’t.