2016 is shaping up to be a great year | Port Gamble Gazette

The staff at Port Gamble would like to thank everyone who visited us this past year, attended our annual festivals and shopped in all of our great local businesses.

The staff at Port Gamble would like to thank everyone who visited us this past year, attended our annual festivals and shopped in all of our great local businesses.

Port Gamble Weddings hosted more than 70 weddings in 2015, making countless unforgettable memories for all in attendance. Annual festivals — like Fibers & Fabrics, SteamPort Gamble (Steampunk Festival), Maritime Music Festival, Muddy Paws, Country Christmas, and the Port Gamble Ghost Conference — drew thousands in 2015.

Our calendar is already filling up with great events for 2016. Please note that June Faire and Old Mill Days Americana will not be held this year because of the Port Gamble Bay Cleanup Project.

Check out our online calendar at www.portgamble.com.

Port Gamble Bay Cleanup: Project Update

The first phase of the Port Gamble Bay Cleanup Project is well underway and noticeable changes on the historic mill site can be viewed from the town site above the old mill.

Look for the first phase of the cleanup to wrap up mid-January. Weekly construction updates are now rolling out.

The second phase of the project is slated to commence in summer 2016.

The cleanup process aims to eliminate threats to human health and the environment, while minimizing the impacts of the cleanup.

Download construction updates at www.portgamblebaycleanup.com.

For current and archived updates, follow the project’s Facebook page to stay informed about the project.

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

If your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, get outdoors more, or to try new things, then Port Gamble would love to help you out with your resolution.

In conjunction with Olympic Outdoor Center, Root Rock Run, NW Epic Series, and Budu Racing, Port Gamble’s world-class trails system is sure to excite and challenge those looking for adventure in 2016.

With trail and bike races virtually every month from February through October, there is an adventure for everyone who accepts the challenge.

We would also like to give recognition to all of the great volunteers who have helped make the Port Gamble Trails one of the most sought-after outdoor recreation spots in the Northwest. Be sure to check out our monthly calendar at www.portgamble.com each month to see what’s coming up.

Sunshine’s All Naturals Catering grand tasting event

It’s scheduled noon to 4 p.m. Jan. 24 in the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion.

Looking for a wedding and event caterer? Please join Port Gamble Weddings & Events and Sunshine’s All Naturals Catering for their biggest tasting of the year. It will be an afternoon of delicious food, music and fun. Be there for your chance at winning a $1,000 Catering Gift Card Grand Prize Drawing. Come hungry and design your ideal wedding and event menu.

Port Gamble’s 2016 Event Calendar

Port Gamble is set for an exciting year of events, from Muddy Paws, Country Christmas, to monthly trail activities. You can stay up to date with activities and happenings at Port Gamble by subscribing to the monthly Port Gamble E-Newsletter. For information or to sign up, please contact the events office at 360-297-8074 or via email at portgamble@orminc.com. You can also find details at www.port gamble.com.

For updates, check www.portgamble.com.

Port Gamble on!

— Pete Orbea is the marketing and communications coordinator of Port Gamble. Contact him at porbea@orminc.com