MycoSoothe Reviews – Will It Work For You? Scam or Legit to Use?

Chronic fungal infections on the toenails can lower your life quality. There are numerous oral and topical regimens promising to eradicate unhealthy fungal infections. Unfortunately, only a few treat the root of recurrent infections on the toenails.

MycoSoothe is a blend of research-based ingredients designed to combat nail issues. It can also fortify the skin and hair health. Does the antifungal supplement work as advertised? Is it safe? How long does it take MycoSoothe to work?

Brand Overview

Name MycoSoothe
Category Oral Dietary Supplement
Description Antifungal supplement for enhancing the health of toenails, hair, and skin
Manufacturer PhytAge Labs Company
Ingredients Vitamin C and E, selenium, burdock, cat’s claw, olive leaf, Panax ginseng, Soursop, mushroom complex, green tea, and Essiac tea
  • It can combat toenail fungus
  • It can offer protection against nail fungus
  • It can hinder chronic toenail infections
  • It can raise the immune system
  • Pricing Check the official MycoSoothe website

    What is MycoSoothe?

    MycoSoothe is an oral antifungal supplement using natural ingredients to fight recurrent toenail infections from within. The product is marketed as a revolutionary regimen using research-based nutrients to eradicate the underlying cause of poor toenail health.

    According to the MycoSoothe formulator, the supplement provides a comprehensive and long-lasting solution to chronic fungal attacks, particularly on the toenails. It is marketed as safe and reliable. The formulators postulate that augmenting the toenail health takes up to three months.

    MycoSoothe is for anyone struggling with poor toenails resulting from chronic fungal attacks. The antifungal is made in the United States using natural nutrients from trustworthy sources. Moreover, the formulation is purportedly backed by numerous research and has benefited thousands of Americans.

    You can acquire MycoSoothe only through the official website. PhytAge Labs, the antifungal product’s manufacturer and distributor, has a track record of developing quality supplements. Customers can safely purchase MycoSoothe at affordable rates.

    How Does MycoSoothe Nurture the Toenails?

    MycoSoothe is marketed as an odd 7-second morning ritual that can fight toenail fungus. The formulation is purportedly based on an Amazon rainforest discovery proven to fight “fungal disempowerment resistance.” It consists of multiple nutrients designed to fix the underlying cause of recurrent attacks on the toenails. The mixture of antifungal, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can also advance skin and hair health. How does it work?

    Prevent Fungal Replication: According to MycoSoothe creator, most antifungal medications fail to work because they are unable to disintegrate the fungus’s cell wall. The antifungal formulation is rich in numerous bioactive elements that break the fungus cell wall, hindering it from multiplying.

    Neutralize Free Radicals: MycoSoothe has antioxidants to lower harmful inflammations and combat free radicals. Some ingredients, including Soursop, turmeric, red raspberry, Essiac tea, and green tea, can cleanse the body of harmful pathogens. MycoSoothe nutrients may also protect the toenail from future fungal and bacterial infections.

    Fortify Immunity: Most MycoSoothe are clinically proven to enhance the natural immune system. The formulation stops the enzymatic actions facilitating the multiplication of fungus. It also eradicates the alpha fungal cells and amplifies the natural disease-fighting mechanism.

    PhytAge Labs postulates it takes 90-180 days to experience the full effects of the antifungal supplements. Combined with healthy nutrition, MycoSoothe can offer protection against infections and provide long-term results.

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    MycoSoothe creators provide a complete list of all the nutrients inside the antifungal supplement. All the ingredients have shown effectiveness in improving immunity and thus can diminish toenail fungus. The active components include:


    Vitamin C: Each MycoSoothe serving delivers 30 mg of ascorbic acid to enhance collagen levels and fortify the immune system. MycoSoothe maker argues that protein is vital in maintaining the strength and integrity of nails. Brittle nails and poor hair tone are some of the characteristics of vitamin C deficiency.

    MycoSoothe creator argues that recurrent toenail infections result from unhealthy cells. Ascorbic acid enhances the rapid growth and division of the cells. It promotes the proliferation of toenail cells and can hinder the degeneration of the toenail plate. Further, vitamin C amplifies the natural immune system, increasing the population of white cells when infections strike. Ascorbic acid works with other antioxidants to minimize the risks of fungal attacks.

    Vitamin E: Multiple studies show that vitamin can effectively fight toenail issues. The vitamin moisturizes, keeping the cuticles, scalp, and skin moist and shiny. Alpha-tocopherol is rich in antioxidants to protect the toenail cells from oxidative stress. It can also amplify the repair, growth, and development of cells. Using vitamin E and some MycoSoothe ingredients keeps the skin supple and healthy.

    Selenium: The mineral is a natural antioxidant designed to strengthen the immune system. It works by eliminating harmful microbes in the gut. Selenium also promotes blood detoxification in the liver, thus protecting the body from toxins.

    Each serving of MycoSoothe delivers 20 mcg of selenium, adequate for identifying and fighting harmful pathogens. It can promote rapid growth of healthy and strong nails. Additionally, selenium is crucial in amplifying blood flow in all body parts. It may help deliver critical nutrients to the toenails and aid in eradicating harmful microbes.

    Turmeric is part of the proprietary nutrients in MycoSoothe antifungal supplement. Turmeric has a long history of fighting harmful inflammations. It augments blood circulation and offers protection against pathogens.

    Green Tea: The herbal tea has a bioactive component that can advance the toenail’s health. Clinical reports prove that green tea improves metabolic rates and energy levels. It provides various cells with clean power to function optimally. In addition, the herbal tea binds with other MycoSoothe to amplify the immune system.

    Soursop: The plant extract is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients designed to flush out fungus and other pathogens. Soursop aids in improving digestive and heart health. Its rich nutrient profile strengthens immunity and accelerates healing after infections.

    Raspberry: Most people consume raspberry to raise their disease-fighting mechanism and reduce the risk of certain cancers. The delicious red fruit is a natural antioxidant that can slow aging. It mainly improves skin and hair health by increasing collagen levels. Further, red raspberry can strengthen the nail cuticles, improve toenail texture, and combat nail discoloration.

    Burdock Leaf: The herbal leaves are proven to amplify blood flow and urinary health. It has nutrients designed to improve kidney health, thus supporting diuretic functions. In addition, it can improve liver health, helping blood purification and eradicating harmful fungus from the blood.

    Essiac Tea: The herbal tea complex is critical in fortifying immunity. It has various nutrients to increase metabolic rates and offer antioxidant support. MycoSoothe claims the Essiac tea complex can eliminate chronic toenail infections, reduce nail brittleness, and augment the texture of nails. The tea complex has collagen-boosting components. Essiac tea may aid in improving nail and hair health.

    Mushroom Complex: The three ancient mushroom varieties, namely Maitake, shitake, and Reishi, are proven to fortify the immune system. The trio supports the eradication of fungus and maintains healthy metabolic rates. Reishi, Maitake, and shiitake are natural nootropic elements that can improve sleep quality. Studies prove the mushroom complex works together to support longevity and natural aging.

    Olive Leaf: The herbal leaf can benefit the skin, nails, and hair health in multiple ways, for example. Olive leaf supports the regeneration of new cells and the repair of worn-out cells. The antioxidant is also a natural moisturizer that can improve the nails’ tone, texture, and health.

    Panax Ginseng: Asian ginseng can offer antifungal and antioxidant benefits. It works by keeping the natural energy levels elevated and can balance the blood sugar ranges. Panax ginseng also has a positive effect on blood circulation and detoxification. Combined with the mushroom complex, Panax ginseng can improve cognitive health, immunity, and sleep quality.

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    MycoSoothe Benefits

    It takes 3-6 months to get the maximum benefits of the MycoSoothe supplement. Some of the advantages of the antifungal formulation include:

    • It can combat recurrent fungal attacks on the toenails and skin
    • MycoSoothe can offer protection against the deadly fungus
    • The antifungal supplement has nutrients that can improve immunity
    • It can surge collagen levels, thus improving the skin, joints, and hair health
    • MycoSoothe can combat nail discoloration and brittleness
    • It can support the heart health

    Dosage and Side Effects

    MycoSoothe is an antifungal supplement. The formulator suggests taking two capsules daily to combat nail and skin issues. According to MycoSoothe creator, the natural formulation eradicates fungus before it can affect your limbs or overall wellness.

    MycoSoothe antifungal formulation is made from 100% natural ingredients from trustworthy sources. The creator states there is zero information about users experiencing side effects after using the MycoSoothe supplement. However, it is best to use the antifungal formulation as suggested to curtail the risk of developing adverse side effects.


    MycoSoothe is exclusively available only through the official website. The company offers flexible payment plans depending on your needs. A 90-day money satisfaction guarantee protects each MycoSoothe bottle you buy.


    e is a 7-second morning ritual that can fight toenail fungus from within. It uses natural components to offer a comprehensive solution against recurrent fungal infections. The antifungal supplement works by attacking the fungus’ cell wall and stopping enzymatic actions, favoring the growth of pathogens. Customers must buy MycoSoothe through the official website at discounted rates.


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