Joint Restore Gummies Reviews: Risky Negative Side Effects?

Dr. Ralph, the creator of JointRestore Gummies, was used to playing with his daughter, and he enjoyed and cherished their special time together. However, one day, he was unable to play with her, and this broke her heart. The reason he was unable to play with her was that he suffered from knee pain. He tried taking painkillers but, but they only gave him temporary relief. He reached a point where he was thinking of giving up since nothing was working for him.

Eventually, he thought of going for knee replacement surgery. The surgery requires you to have rehabilitation sessions for 3-4 months after the surgery. Also, there is no guarantee that the knees will ever feel comfortable. Some complications can arise during and after surgery. To clear up issues that occurred during the first surgery, you might have to undergo another surgery. At that point, he had given up and was waiting to hold on to the last straw.

Dangers of undergoing knee replacement surgery

  • Some complications may occur during and after surgery.
  • You will need to take medication for pain management.
  • Surgery is very costly, and not all patients can afford to do it.
  • Any issue that arises during the first surgery will be corrected through other surgeries. This puts the patient through unnecessary pain.
  • There is a long rehabilitation period after surgery that can be up to 3-6 months.
  • There is a waiting list, so patients remain in pain while waiting for their turn to come.

Turning point

However, everything changed one day after contacting a doctor friend living in Florida concerning knee replacement surgery. He explained his symptoms, and his response was the turning point. One of his patients rebuilt his knees without surgery in a few months. He used a mixture of two natural ingredients. One of the ingredients is very old, while the other was banned for years before the ban was lifted. Dr. Ralph discovered that combing the two had a powerful effect on the knees.

When it comes to inflammation, the medical community has been treating it the wrong way. They have been focusing on the symptoms instead of the underlying cause. Treating the symptoms gives temporary relief to the pain and discomfort but causes more damage in the long run. However, there is a breakthrough in treating inflammation that soothes the pain in joints and knees and promotes the body’s natural recovery process so the tissue can be repaired in a few weeks.

Most people who have undergone this treatment have come back with positive reviews. Some even claim that they feel like they have new knees and are back to their younger days. Dr. Ralph’s testimony states he can now play with his granddaughter and work out regularly without worrying that he will run out of energy or his knees will be in pain.

Who is Dr. Ralph La Guardia

Dr. Ralph is a medical doctor and has been practicing for the last 41 years. He specializes in combining traditional natural medicine with modern medicine to create better treatments for patients. He wants to ensure patients become totally cured and not temporary relief through medication. He believes that by using natural remedies and western medicine, you can achieve the best results. He has a 4.5-star rating on Healthgrades.com.

He also specializes in geriatric medicine, where he helps the elderly feel healthier and younger. His passion is helping older people get the most out of their lives even as they grow older.

The Breakthrough

Dr. Ralph’s friend discovered a formula that could help patients recover from knee problems without surgery. The formula used two ingredients to achieve maximum results. Once he started using the formula, he noticed that the pain he felt was slowly fading away. After some time, he was able to do certain activities like bend down and go for walks without feeling pain, and, eventually, he was fully cured.


The two ingredients are powerful anti-inflammatories. There is a lot of anti-inflammatory information available. However, the medication only addresses the pain part of inflammation and not the reaction that causes pain. Inflammation is caused when cartilage starts breaking down. It is the body’s natural response to start the process of repairing an injury. When a site is inflamed, extra blood and enzymes are sent to the site to start the repair process.

However, inflammation does not work for chronic conditions. This includes wear and tear in joints like knees. When inflammation fades, the body is supposed to send more compounds to repair the tissue. However, this does not happen when there is a serious injury, leading to “the bystander effect.” This is where inflammation enzymes keep attacking the injured area as you keep using the affected joint.

Over time, healthy tissue becomes damaged by the free radicals and increased oxidation in the knees. It ends up attacking the cartilage in the knee joint, and eventually, you will be rubbing bone on bone. This is called chronic inflammation.

There are two enzymes produced whenever there is any inflammation in the body and, they need to be addressed for proper recovery to occur.

Prostaglandin (pros): This enzyme sends pain signals to the brain and prompts the brain to stop using the signals. It also increases blood flow to the area, causing swelling. The pain and swelling are elevated through common NSAIDS and through using over-the-counter medication. The medication works to reduce the levels of pros so the repair phase can begin.

Leukotriene: This enzyme directs blood cells in the injured site to attack the injury and prompts the muscles to protect the injury. If the levels of this enzyme are high, the body will never start the repair process.


The ingredients of the JointRestore Gummies

There are two main ingredients in the JointRestore Gummies; the first ingredient comes from the Jesus era. It is known as frankincense or, in medical terms, Boswellia. Boswellia lowers both enzymes and is effective for relieving knee pain and stiffness. It facilitates the body’s natural recovery process and, the knee joints start rebuilding the cartilage.

Boswellia, according to studies, soothes knee pain, reduces inflammation, and allows the body to heal itself. However, not all Boswellia can generate this result. JointRestore uses 200mg of Boswellia, rich in beta-boswellic acid (BBA) that is only found in certain strains.

The second ingredient in JointRestore Gummies is well known and is 20mg of full-spectrum CBD. Many people think that CBD is marijuana which is not true. CBD does not make you get high, and it has many health benefits to the body. The body has a system responsible for inflammation, pain response, and healing called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The main function of this system is to facilitate quick healing, and a rebalance to the body. It is the system that kicks in whenever you sustain an injury.

As you grow older, the ECS breaks down and does not work as efficiently as before. Studies show there is a benefit to supplementing the ECS through cannabinoids like CBD. However, you would need to use high-quality CBD with at least 13 essential cannabinoids, including CBG. CBG has in JointRestore Gummies anti-inflammatory qualities and stimulates quick recovery in both tissue and bones.

JointRestore Gummies

While the two ingredients work, taking them was a different story. Boswellia came in a big and ugly pill while CBD was available as an oil. None of these were patient-friendly. After doing a lot of research, Dr. Ralph came up with a delicious strawberry-flavored knee-restoring formula. He combined the ingredients to create the JointRestore Gummies that contained 20mg of CBD and 200mg of BBA and was made great tasting using 3g of organic cane sugar. With this, you don’t have to worry about taking giant pills or unpalatable oils. You can take a JointRestore Gummy and chew it. The JointRestore Gummies are completely free of GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, hormones, and pesticide-free.

Who needs JointRestore Gummies?

If you suffer from chronic knee pain that makes you dread simple movements, these delicious JointRestore Gummies are for you. They will not only provide you with pain relief but will also jumpstart your recovery.

Benefits of using JointRestore Gummies

  • It reduces pain and inflammation.
  • They are delicious.
  • They boost the body’s recovery process and, you start healing your cartilage and muscles.
  • JointRestore Gummies have natural ingredients and have no side effects.
  • USHA approves it. This proves that it is a high-quality CBD product.
  • It is more affordable than undergoing knee replacement surgery.
  • Long-term use does not have any negative effects. In fact, it is beneficial for your body in the long run.

Purchase JointRestore Gummies

Consumers that need and want a natural solution for inflammation and pain relief in their joints can purchase the JointRestore Gummies from the official website. Each bottle contains 30 doses, and costs just $1.33 each day, the company, Prosper Wellness offers a money-back lifetime guarantee, with no need to return the gummies to claim a refund. Prices are as follows:

  • Buy One JointRestore Gummies $79.97
  • Buy Two JointRestore Gummies, Get One Free $53.31 Each /Free Shipping
  • Buy Three JointRestore Gummies, Get Three Free $39.98 Each /Free Shipping

Consumers that purchase the JointRestore Gummies are offered the company’s exclusive CBD Pain Freeze Cream. Containing pure CBD oil in a pain-relieving cream works to relieve painful burning in joints, muscles, and back. The CBD pain cream typically costs $49.97; however, customers will get a 20% discount with any order. Add by clicking the box on the checkout page when ordering the JointRestore Gummies.

Contact Information

To contact customer support, customers can email the company at:

  • Prosper Wellness is located in Edgewater, Colorado, near the Rocky Mountains, with a company address of 1990 Depew St. #140690 Edgewater, CO 80214.
  • Customer Support: Kriss@Prosperwellness.co


No one likes being left out because of the knee joint and muscle pain. Treatment options available do not address the root cause of the problem. However, the JointRestore Gummies address the cause of inflammation and facilitate recovery. No more prescription medication as you can get relief and repair your cartilage tissue with this formula. It is also affordable, and there is a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee if it does not work for you. The formula is all-natural and, you can be sure that only ingredients of the highest quality are used.


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