Quinn Ward

Quinn Ward

Cherish and be present in the moment

Last week, I was a “yes mom” for a day. I used to be a laid-back in-the-moment parent, especially when I had one child. But… Continue reading


Laughing through the hard times | Kid Wisdom

There have been times in my life when I’ve found it difficult to laugh. Sad or challenging situations can make it tough to find the… Continue reading


Quinn Ward

Favorite Christmas memories bring smiles to our faces |Kid Wisdom

Great Christmas memories of the kids.


Quinn Ward

Enjoying all the moments with your kids

I am often told to enjoy every moment with my children while they are little. I see the wisdom behind those remarks, but I have… Continue reading

Quinn Ward

The things kids will do for candy

My children love to have a sweet treat, as I’m sure most kids do. But my girls have a drive to sniff out, hunt down… Continue reading

Long summer days and the things kids say | Kid Wisdom

Summer days seem to stretch long with the extended hours of sunshine. Often, that makes time for summer fun. However, all of that time can… Continue reading

The many ways children say ‘I love you’

Children often have unique ways of communicating their love. My children have come up with some creative ones. Sometimes, I think those creative expressions of… Continue reading

Quinn Ward

A day off from school | Kid Wisdom

Recently my kids all had a day off school, which meant we didn’t have to rush around on our usual weekday schedule. We enjoyed the… Continue reading

Quinn Ward

Age is just a number, unless you are 10 | Kid Wisdom

My youngest daughter, Eleanor, 3, has a big personality squished down to fit her toddler size. Since she was a baby, Eleanor wanted to keep… Continue reading

Halloween memories of a strange but funny black cat | Kid Wisdom

When I was a child, my best friend, Bridget, and I always went trick-or-treating together. We lived out in the country and didn’t have many… Continue reading

Ghostly nights and the things children do in their sleep | Kid Wisdom

Sleep, oh the lost sleep. Sleep is something that instantly becomes a precious, longed for commodity once you become a parent. Maybe that’s not true… Continue reading

Putting the spice in life: the many ways kids do it | Kid Wisdom

I like my people with a little spice. I don’t want to spend my time with boring people. Luckily, my kids have a lot of… Continue reading

The challenges and joys of sibling relationships | Kid Wisdom

The nature of sibling relationships is to have its ups and downs. This is certainly true of my children. They fight often. They fight over… Continue reading

First-day-of-school perspectives to remember | Kid Wisdom

Autumn is a special time. Kids head back to school, activities and commitments switch back into high gear and the weather makes a decided shift… Continue reading

Kids share wisdom but we have to listen | Kid Wisdom

As the start of a new school year approached, I tried to organize all parts of our house, especially the kid areas. We played outside… Continue reading

My daughters want to be birds and fly

My girls Violet, 5, and Eleanor, 3, have a fascination with birds. They often play that they are birds and build a nest out of… Continue reading

Making summer memories and other things kids do | Kid Wisdom

The kids and I just spent a couple of weeks visiting my mom in Illinois. They made great summer memories with cousins they don’t get… Continue reading

Dreaming about what they’ll become | Kid Wisdom

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist… Continue reading

It’s all good when it’s in children’s language

I love when my kids use the wrong word or a cute mispronunciation. Maybe it’s bad, but I don’t correct them. I know they’ll learn… Continue reading