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Choices for the Future

The hopes are high, and the populace waits with baited breath and fingers crossed. Can our amazing new president really turn around the frightening economic picture we are reluctantly getting used to?


Choices for the Future: Frugality and calming down

The economic slow down has had some positive benefits. Getting smaller paychecks because we have been cut back on our working hours does not seem… Continue reading


Time for winter planting | Choices for the Future | January

One of my favorite quotes used in the beautiful Stillwaters 2010 calendar is from Raymond Reyes.“When a rose is in bloom,” Reyes writes, “it does… Continue reading


When it comes to planting, think like a tree | Choices For The Future | March

We have a native plant nursery here at Stillwaters that is a part of our fulfillment of our mission — to assist and to support… Continue reading

Help prevent an overdose in Puget Sound | Choices For The Future | April

It’s more critical than ever to keep the waters in Kitsap as clean as possible. We get our drinking water from the ground water in… Continue reading

5 things that will make your backyard wildlife-friendly | Choices For The Future | August

When we finally have some summer warm weather, we spend even more time outdoors, and we enjoy our wildlife neighbors even more! The migrating birds visiting this summer seem even more abundant than usual, and their songs are delightful. There are ways to get more birds, butterflies, and other friendly wildlife to your yard or property. It’s fun to have them around and to see them enjoying something you did to help them.

Individual choices shape our shared future | Choices For The Future | October

“Once you learn certain things — once you learn to ride a bike, say — your life has changed forever. You can’t unlearn it. Sustainability… Continue reading

A Plan B for the planet | Choices For The Future | February

I am good at moving to “Plan B” in life. If things aren’t working out as planned — and life seldom does, in my experience… Continue reading

Technology: Keeping a balanced life | Choices for the Future

Things have changed. We all know it. Our world surely is not like it used to be! And that’s both good and bad. In this case, I’m speaking of technological advances that have changed our lives forever.

Nature deficit and information surfeit | Choices for the Future

“Nature Deficit” is a term made common by Richard Louv when he chronicled the great loss for our children, in particular, who now tend to spend more time looking at screens and a lot less time soaking in the natural world.

Unseen plastics could be harmful | Choices for the Future

So we are all good about recycling every plastic container we possibly can, right? And we pick up plastic bags from the roadways and beaches and get those to the plastic bag recycling, right? And those nasty plastic rings around six-packs of beverages get carefully cut up and put safely in the garbage, along with plastic bottle caps, right? Great!

London Olympics are a model of sustainability | Choices for the Future

This year there is more excitement to watch as the London Olympics become the most sustainable, “green” Olympic Games to date, and a model for sustainability long after the Olympics have gone.

More about recycling and rethinking clothes | Choices for the Future

There is a lot to say about ways to recycle and consume less of Earth’s resources.

Thankful for natural getaways in the Northwest | Choices for the Future

In the environmental education world, we start many meetings and workshops with the introduction questions, “What started your love of nature? What was your favorite place in nature as a child?”

Culvert questions answered, with a few unknowns | Choices for the Future

I get questions about the benefits of the Stillwaters Fish Passage (aka “the Bridge”) at the mouth of the estuary all the time, which is nice. I’m glad folks are curious and concerned about the estuary.

Healthy resolutions you can keep | Choices for the Future

I hear that many people still make New Year’s resolutions. I also hear that by February, many have broken them or given up already.

The danger within: Creosoted pilings | Choices for the Future

Right now, there is a very big project going on in Budd Inlet in Olympia, at the southern end of Puget Sound.

Answers to some environmental questions | Choices for the Future

You might think some of these questions have been answered years ago. We just got back from a short trip where we discovered there are lots of people still wondering about very simple questions.

A sense of place keeps us here | Choices for the Future

One of the things many people love about living around here is that they truly feel at home and know their place here. They have what we call “A Sense of Place” about Kingston or Kitsap.

Words we use often shape how we live | Choices for the Future

Did you know that at least 60 percent of the solid waste going to landfills could be recycled?