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Hansville is ready to rummage | Hansville Happenings | August

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Ideas for the month of love | Hansville Happenings | February

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Hansville Happenings: Things to learn

Kissing has been around since some guy decided he could get what he wanted with a little pursing of the lips. When I was a… Continue reading

Happy birthday to the Hansville Church

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Hansville Happenings: It’s never done

The other day a friend said to me, “You know, no matter how hard you work, it’s never done.”I’ve been thinking about this and I… Continue reading

Hansville Happenings: Traveling is fun, right?

Aren’t vacations wonderful?

Hansville Happenings: secret admirers

OK, here we are again … facing February. This is the month filled with all that giving of candy, flowers and beautiful cards.There was once… Continue reading

Hansville Happenings: A million please

I’m old enough to remember when a million of anything was a BIG amount.I had a teacher who thought to teach us how much a… Continue reading


My first reaction as I turned the calendar was IT’S JULY ALREADY! Where has this year gone?

Free this month? Go out and make a new friend

The dictionary says a friend is ‘one with whom a person shares mutual affection, respect and regard. A person that cares.’ Look around you. How many people can you count as a friend? Is it the fellow next door that mows your lawn sometimes when he mows his? Is it the one that phones you for no reason, but just to say hello? Could it be a person you don’t know, but they write books you love to read? As I write this I count myself so lucky. I have many friends.