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Get out and enjoy Hansville — and a cup of joe | Hansville Happenings

If you’re thinking of moving to Hansville because nothing ever happens here, you’d better rethink your reasoning.

Selecting word for the year is more difficult than it seems | Hansville Happenings

One of my most favorite writers picks a word at the beginning of each year to help her with her life.

A new book, pinewood derby race in Hansville | Hansville Happenings

I did a little traveling at the end of the year and, as usual, I gathered up some fun and/or unusual roadside signs and business names.

Some fond memories of holidays in Hansville | Hansville Happenings

In the next few weeks, we of the United States of America will be celebrating several holidays.

Washington state’s 50 shades of green | Hansville Happenings

I recently had the pleasure of driving across our beautiful Washington state’s Snoqualmie mountain pass on a sunny afternoon.

Enjoy the time you have and don’t stop the adventures | Hansville Happenings

In mid-July, the husband of one of my cousin’s died. He had Alzheimer’s for several years and it had gotten to the last stages and we lost him. His wife, Kathleen, said she found some solace in writing about Robert and remembering the happy times...

Birthday? Do something special for yourself | Hansville Happenings

The month of April has always been special in my family. For us, it is a month full of birthdays.

Four Eagle Scouts

Scout’s honor: Grann Steele is fourth Eagle in his family; honored by community

Grann Arthur Steele became the fourth Eagle Scout in his family March 3. More than 100 people attended his Court of Honor ceremony at Bayside Church in Kingston and, of this group, there were 12 other Eagle Scouts. Among those attending was a Scout troop from Canada, as well as his brother Garrett, who became an Eagle in 2007; father Gary, who became an Eagle in 1972; and uncle Darrell, who became an Eagle in 1967.

Four Eagle Scouts

Volunteer: It’s fun and rewarding too | Hansville Happenings

Did you know that the Hansville Community Center at Buck Lake is owned by the community (not by the parks department or the county), and is run and maintained totally by volunteers (both financially and physically)?

Plan ahead and set goals for a better future | Hansville Happenings

When I was 15, I knew for sure what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I would be a professional ballroom dancer.

Merry Christmas | Hansville Happenings

I sat down to write a poem for this year’s Christmas Card,but no words of rhyme or ideas came—it just seemed too hard.

The joys of the holiday season — and catalogues | Hansville Happenings

Well, here we go marching into the holiday season again and you know what the first sign is? Catalogues. Many, many catalogues and all of them wanting you to buy, buy, buy.

You can’t tell someone’s story by their clothing | Hansville Happenings

It wasn’t too long ago that I was commuting daily to Seattle. This commute involved a ferry ride and then a walk to my office building. Of course, I had my “ferry friends” to talk to during this water ride, but I couldn’t help noticing that you could almost tell what people were going to do in Seattle by the clothes they wore.

Remote-controlled plane is returned to owner | Hansville Happenings

It all started at lunch one day: Two guys were talking about the good old days and the conversation got around to hobbies, both past and present. One guy had started woodworking since retiring, turning out lovely bowls for his wife and relatives. The other guy had been doing leatherwork for many years, but since the arthritis is getting worse in his hands that’s sort of been on the backburner. Then they started talking about radio-controlled model airplanes.

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Battle of the bulbs | Hansville Happenings | May

I’ve made my annual resolution again. No not the one like you do at the New Year, this is my annual spring resolution. Every year… Continue reading

Ahh, the smells of life | Hansville Happenings | April

Life is punctuated by smells. It starts with baby powder. No one can not like the baby powder smell. It makes mothers think of their… Continue reading

Feeling lucky? Bingo coming to Hansville | Hansville Happenings | March

In our Hansville area we have everything a person could want for fun: sailing, fishing, dinner dances, wine and chocolate tasting parties, Halloween and Easter… Continue reading

Hansville: A big little town | Hansville Happenings | December

Hansville has been described in many ways, depending on your feelings for our little town. Some say it’s at the edge of the no-where, and… Continue reading

Falling into nostalgia | Hansville Happenings | October

Already we are into the fall of our year 2010. I don’t know how the trees that are turning golden and red, or the ones… Continue reading