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‘Mule Girl,’ by Clark Parsons

Put Frisino, Parsons on your reading list | Bookends

There seems to be a resurgence of novels about World War II. Some romanticize the era, some tell of the struggles and angst and sorrow of this time in our history, and I have just read a novel about the intrigue and intricacies of the spy networks.

‘Mule Girl,’ by Clark Parsons

Hansville Happenings: A dozen community groups to socialize with

Finding ways to connect to the Hansville community.

Hansville Happenings: Reflections

What is it about fall and the onset of winter that makes me reflective? (And I don’t mean like the lights on the back of… Continue reading

Hansville Happenings: The sites of traveling

If you read my last months column about the challenges of traveling, then probably you have surmised that I have been traveling, and when I… Continue reading

Hansville Happenings: Time for the Rummage Sale

If it’s August, it’s time for the Annual Rummage Sale in Hansville. This event is being held this year on the weekend of Aug. 8-9.… Continue reading

Warning: Facebook can be habit forming | Hansville Happenings | February

Are you on Facebook?When you’re getting to know someone, the conversation will eventually get around to this question, and I don’t mean only among the… Continue reading

The new year will be as busy as the old year | Hansville Happenings

This New Year’s resolution is to not be as busy. Let me see, what can I quit doing?

From Seattle to San Francisco: no planes, just trains | Hansville Happenings

When I travel, I am very interested in what people name their businesses and streets. To me it reflects the attitude of the people living in the area, and it also amuses me.

Explore Hansville gardens this month | Hansville Happenings

On July 28, are you going to go take this year’s Ladies Aid Garden Tour? You should. Right here in our little village you’ll find some pretty spectacular plantings, growings, and placement of statues and carvings and, well, you just never know what you’ll find.

How to keep yourself busy in fall | Hansville Happenings

Seems like every September, I say this is really the start of my year, as opposed to everyone else who starts in January, but it’s true.

Home tours, Christmas concert and more in Hansville | Hansville Happenings

In the month of December, most small towns will see houses being decorated and maybe hear Christmas carols in the stores.

Tour the gardens of Hansville as the fun continues | Hansville Happenings

Did you go to the Ladies Aid Dinner Dance? The theme was “A Garden Party” and when you entered the door of the Hansville Community Center, you entered into a garden through a white picket fence and through an arbor over the entrance.

Our clothing choices define us, even today | Hansville Happenings

Do you ever notice people’s shoes or what they’re wearing?

Now featuring fiction | Hansville Happenings

I know it’s a little early to think of December Hansville Happenings, but I don’t want you to miss this one: The Hansville Writing Group is sponsoring an author event from 2-4 p.m. Dec. 6 at the Hansville Community Center.

Apply now for local groups’ scholarships and grants | Hansville Happenings

If you are interested in applying, please log onto the website Under the Scholarship tab, you will see where you can download the appropriate submission document. And don’t forget: your postmark deadline for this application is May 1, so if you are interested, get started today.

From ‘Happenings’ to ‘Bookends’ | Hansville Happenings

Donna Lee Anderson says goodbye: Hansville Happenings has been a truly lovely gig. Thank you to all for reading my column all these years, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me in Kitsap Weekly — in the Herald and online.

From a storyteller to ‘Happenings’ columnist | Hansville Happenings

Some little known facts about me: I have always been a storyteller.

It’s adventure time in Hansville | Hansville Happenings

You can make your life full of adventures by just changing your attitude about doing new or different things. Why not give it a try? If it doesn’t make you happy, you can always go back to your everyday ways, right?

Setting new goals and finishing old ones

During the holidays leading up to the New Year, I tend to try to make some decisions about how my life will be in the future. Now, don’t get me wrong; these plans are not set in stone and I almost never get to “put them into action,” but nonetheless, every year I make those plans.

A busy north-end in December | Hansville Happenings

Did you ever notice that when you are on a road trip and driving on a road that is new to you and you are going the speed limit of 40 mph, that everyone else passes you doing 50 or 60? And did you ever notice that when it’s raining so hard the windshield wipers can’t really keep up that everyone else on the road thinks they should go 50 or 60 even if the weather says 45 mph is fast enough, especially with all the standing water on the road?