Brett Cihon

City discusses texting alerts

On May 9, Port Orchard’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee discussed a deal in which the city would use iZigg, a cellphone texting service that helps organizations text messages, to people who’ve signed up.

Jen Dobbelaere works the espresso machine at Whiskey Gulch Coffee Co. Whiskey Gulch

Coffee shop and fitness studio liven up Annapolis

New businesses hope to add to the ‘old section’ in the east end of town

Jen Dobbelaere works the espresso machine at Whiskey Gulch Coffee Co. Whiskey Gulch
Trisha Byrd pets her 10-year-old horse

Saddle Club offers disappearing experience

The 10 acres surrounding the Kitsap Saddle Club in South Kitsap harken to the past. A dusty horse corral. Cut grass that smells perfectly of summer. Trails and woods.

Trisha Byrd pets her 10-year-old horse

Angel gets national attention for naming rights plan

Angel, R-Port Orchard, said her office has been inundated with calls and emails from news organizations as far away as Ohio since the Associated Press picked up on her desire to sell the branding rights to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in an effort to decrease toll rates for bridge users.

Tattoo shop stokes parlor feud

A new tattoo parlor opening on Bay Street has allegedly ignited a bit of a small business feud.

City’s April sales tax revenues bring relief

Port Orchard saw higher than expected sales tax collection for the month of February, potentially sparing the city from cutting the 2012 budget.

Myhre’s Restaurant rebuild underway

Nearly a year after a three-alarm fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to a Port Orchard icon, renovation is underway at Myhre’s Restaurant on Bay Street.

City receives $500,000 for pathway project

The City of Port Orchard received $500,000 from the state to ramp up the Bay Street Pedestrian Pathway. The money came from the state’s $1.1 billion capital-improvement budget passed during the recent budget session.

Tim Matthes campaign literature promising to give  $15

Mayor’s bungled promise

During last year’s contentious campaign, the group Tim Matthes for Mayor sent campaign fliers pledging Matthes would forego at least $15,000 to restore Bremerton Kitsap Acess Television (BKAT) to the bi-monthly city council meetings. The fliers pledged $15,000 of his mayoral salary to restore TV access that he said was vital for transparency in government.

Tim Matthes campaign literature promising to give  $15

City hoping for new sign

The city is looking for help from public or private partners when it comes to constructing a new “Welcome to Port Orchard” sign.

Council discusses public comments

The Port Orchard City Council discussed when to allow comments from the public at regular business meetings during Wednesday’s city council work-study meeting.

Proposition 1 passes

Manchester Port District voters approved a ballot measure to limit port district commissioners’ terms to four years in Tuesday night’s special election.

South Kitsap Fire Levy passes by wide margin

A ballot measure to renew a South Kitsap Fire and Rescue emergency services lid lift worth nearly $2 million passed by a wide margin in Tuesday’s special election.

Fire rips through a home on SW Bay Street.

Fire rips through trailer on SW Bay Street

Fire ripped through a double-wide trailer at 640 SW Bay St. Friday afternoon, closing State Route 166 in both directions for more than an hour.

Fire rips through a home on SW Bay Street.
Rudy Swensen

Bling-a-Bra auction benefits local charity

Sparkling Mardi-Gras, pink lace and other decorated bras were sold to the highest bidder at MoonDogs, Too to benefit a local charity event.

Rudy Swensen

Car prowls on the rise in Port Orchard area

According to the Port Orchard Police, a rash of car prowls has hit Port Orchard. GPS systems, Ipods and other items are being stolen from cars at an abnormally high rate.

Council votes to stall mayor’s appointment

City council members temporarily postponed a recommendation by Mayor Tim Matthes to appoint a city clerk Tuesday night, highlighting a few sticking points between the council and the new mayor.

A teen watches Benny & Joon at Port Orchard Library's Teen Cine-Rama

Teen-o-rama planned at PO library

Trailmix, popcorn and a free movie on a big screen. Sound good? Well, unless you’re between 14 and 19, you’re not allowed.

A teen watches Benny & Joon at Port Orchard Library's Teen Cine-Rama
Kyle Olsen works on the structure of a jump

UP IN THE AIR: South Kitsap’s BMX track may be leveled by county, riders fear

Olsen was frustrated because, if the Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee has there way, all his work would be for naught.

Kyle Olsen works on the structure of a jump

PO lawyers touted for court vacancy

The Kitsap County Bar Association voted two longtime Port Orchard lawyers as among the most capable candidates to fill two vacant seats on the Kitsap County Superior Court bench.