Donna Lee Anderson

Donna Lee Anderson

Author June Cotner and her little books | Bookends

It isn’t often an author gives a mission statement to a publisher, but June Cotner did. Her mission is to create books that “offer comfort,… Continue reading


Donna Lee Anderson

A Mourner of Swine” – a memoir and cooking with lavender | Bookends

When we finish our formal schooling and are ready to get on with our lives, many of us go to college or find a job… Continue reading


Donna Lee Anderson

“Writing on the Landscape” can help with writer’s block | Bookends

Writers use all kinds of ways to help themselves get past that dreaded writers-block which seems to afflict us all. Now there is a book… Continue reading


Donna Lee Anderson

Time to write your memoirs | Bookends

Have you ever wished you could ask your mother or grandmother a question? Obviously, it’s too late after they are gone. But wouldn’t it had… Continue reading

Donna Lee Anderson

‘Memoirs From A Prison Cell’ a troubling tale | Bookends

The sub-title for book one in the “Memoirs From A Prison Cell” trilogy is “The Missteps Of A Southern Boy,” and that really tells the… Continue reading

Discovering the Kitsap Peninsula | Bookends

The holiday season is fast approaching and, for lots of families, this means visitors. So, what do you do with those visitors? Show them around… Continue reading

‘The Deerwhere Awakening’ | Bookends

The Deerwhere Awakening: Here’s another sci-fi book that captured my imagination. Author J.W. Capek has created a world that just could happen in the not… Continue reading

A great gift book for the holidays | Bookends

I think every family has a favorite member who is a great story teller. That person can regale us with stories on almost any subject… Continue reading

Author Deanna Holm-“An Adventure in Tropical and Temperate Rainforests” | Bookends

Homeschooling has become very common in our society. If you homeschool, there are groups for your children so they can get different perspectives and connect… Continue reading

‘The Criminalist’ put the characters you care about in danger | Bookends

In many of the mystery and suspense books we like to read, the bad guy is proven guilty because of the forensic evidence. The police… Continue reading

‘Wild Bird’ by Wendelin Van Draanen | Bookends

This week, I interviewed an author in a new way. Wendelin Van Draanen gave a presentation of her YA book “Wild Bird” to middle-school students… Continue reading

Revisiting familiar authors and their newest books | Bookends

When I started writing my column, my first author interview was with Elena Hartwell. Her first book, “One Dead, Two To Go,” was an Eddie… Continue reading

Beverley Lehman West finds her way back to Paris | Bookends

When you were young, did you long for a great adventure? Author Beverley Lehman West certainly did, and she followed her dream. In her book… Continue reading

A science fiction series worth reading | Bookends

Did you ever sit down with a book intending to read just a few pages and end up devouring the whole book and wishing for… Continue reading

Two delightful books about myths, mountains and poetry

“Olympos” is a book about mountains. It starts with this disclaimer: “Any resemblance to Mount Olympus in Washington State is unintentional, or that is what… Continue reading

Recommending Kate Breslin’s “High As The Heavens” | Bookends

“High As The Heavens” deals with ordinary people who rise to the occasion and do extraordinary things. That’s how Kate Breslin describes her latest book.… Continue reading

All about D.V. Berkom’s ‘Vigilante Dead,’ a Kate Jones Thriller | Bookends

Recently, I met with D. V. Berkom, author of “Vigilante Dead,” and of course I had some questions. I asked her where the idea for… Continue reading

Try the Poulsbohemian Coffee Shop poetry reading

Many of you already know about the Poulsbohemian Coffee Shop on Front Street in Poulsbo. I have had the privilege of drinking their lattes and… Continue reading

Joshua Porter “The Tree of Ruin” and Birke Duncan “Tricky Trivia Party Games“

Joshua Porter has written “The Tree of Ruin,” an adventure into another world. As one reviewer wrote, “This book will provide anyone who loves heroic… Continue reading

Story Jacking: Change your inner dialogue and transform your life

I’ve always believed attitude made all the difference in the way life treated you. And now here is a book that addresses this topic. Lyssa… Continue reading